Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Key Account Management...

Most of my projects start in sales and sales-related environments, because this is where problems first become visible. When sales or margins are no longer sufficient, optimization of sales is the very first thing to focus on.

Does the sales force have the right strategy, the right communi­cation and tools? Does marketing have the right targeting, approach and channels? I use my vast experience to optimise sales and marketing, the corresponding processes and systems (pricing, costing models, financing models, cost accounting and accounting processes, CRM, ERP, etc.).

Especially in the optimization of sales and marketing, I prefer to work from the outside in. That means market and competitive analysis is the basis for the answer to the question "why are sales so low?" The analysis of the sales and cost structure, as well as the portfolio in the competitive environment clarifies the question "why are the margins so low?"

With these two questions, the first foundation for optimization has already been laid. Now a strategy can be developed and an action plan derived. The implemen­tation is holistic, i.e. measures, tools, employees and above all measur­a­bility!

The Goal: Improve sales and earnings as quickly as possible and make development visible and measurable using KPIs!

Let's reach this goal together!