Turning crisis into an opportunity

If there are indications that your company is in a crisis, you as the legal represen­tative should quickly and expertly check whether there are already reasons for opening insolvency proceedings. This is the only way you can avoid the liability and criminal law consequences that can result from a late filing for insolvency. 
At the latest you must act when your banks demand reorga­ni­zation concept in accordance with IDW S6 before granting new funds.

It is important to know that restruc­turing or reorga­ni­zation concepts always require that implemen­tation has begun when they are submitted. It is not enough to merely present a theoretical concept, the implemen­tation must have been initiated. Therefore, I and my network always work on the practical level, because I take implemen­tation consulting literally!

For urgent issues that require quick and targeted action, I am your pilot and implemen­tation partner. Feel free to contact me at any time, because each case requires an individual assessment. Confiden­tiality is 100 % guaranteed!

Note: I do not cover tax or legal advice, but can put you in touch with appropriate specialists.

My tip: Act in time!