Efficient and lean processes, the right cost structure and technology are essential to compete today.

Countless projects around the globe are my background. Continuing education ensures the highest level of method­ological competence. I am the partner at your side concerning the optimi­sation of existing productions, the selection of the right production equipment and the planning of the entire process to the complete factory.

My basic principle: "As much as needed, as little as possible". Especially in the implemen­tation of process optimization it is necessary not to become too theoretical, but to keep it understandable and compre­hensible. The employees must understand what the target process should look like and where the weaknesses of the current process lie. The effects of the change are made visible and measurable via key performance indicators (KPI). In turn, I build KPI systems which do not leave any blind spots.

Bringing together LEAN management and LEAN production with my experience as a production employee, cost accountant, leadership trainer and from countless projects I enable your employees to continue by themselves and continue the improvement process. The goal is to achieve operational excellence.

The perfect workout for your company.