Due Diligence, Carve-Out, Joint Venture, Acquisitions or Post Merger Integrations

I supply technical, cost accounting and market analyses of potential partner companies, their positioning, opportu­nities and development options. With the expertise from a multitude of interna­tional projects of different sizes, I offer you an objective basis for your decisions.

My approach, being based on sales, operational and strategic analysis, provides you with a secure basis for decisions on positioning, future viability and strategic development opportu­nities in combination with financial evaluations as a supporting factor.

Often M&A projects fail for exactly one reason: The focus is on the financial / accounting analysis, the potentials of the business model as well as a strategic development are not considered. I make sure that you have a secure basis for decision-making with your project.

I guide you through the process, starting with due diligence all through the process to contract negotiation. During a subsequent post-merger integration, a carve-out and in the transition phase, I am actively at your side.

Note: I do not cover tax or legal advice, but can put you in touch with appropriate specialists.

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