Leadership makes the difference in results

You are probably familiar with the statement: "Employees do not leave a company, but a superior". This is true, because the type and quality of leadership determines your entrepre­neurial success. Good employees leave the company at some point if the management is poor. The motivation of the remaining employees dwindles and you lose know-how and performance. This in turn leads to increasing error rates, decreasing customer satisfaction and decreasing profits.

As a certified Leading Simple Coach ® and certified Profil­ing­Values partner, I specialize in the topic of "value-based leadership". What does this mean?

The value concept of each person is unique but can be measured in several dimensions: These are the value orientation towards people, towards practical applications and towards systems and structures (according to Robert S. Hartman). Based on the individual value disposition, which can change over time but always remains unique, it is possible to evaluate which values are paramount for a person and how she / he is likely to behave in certain situations. This means: Do the candidate's values match my values as an entrepreneur? How will the candidate perform in a leadership role? And finally, can he be developed further?

The analysis is done using a manipu­lation-proof online questionnaire and takes about 20 minutes. Since not behavioural patterns but values are tested here, there can be absolutely no manipu­lation in the sense of "social desirability", which you will always find in regular interviews.

About two to three days after the analysis, I will discuss the results of the analysis with you in-depth and outline the development potential. For vacancies the analysis can be based on a requirement profile.

As an HR manager, this gives you a manipu­lation-proof view that complements personal sympathy and gut feeling; for an applicant, it provides an assessment of strengths and development potentials.

As a Leading Simple coach I develop your leaders specif­ically in the "craft of leadership". Especially for junior managers and specialists who take on leadership tasks, Leading Simple offers a leadership method that can be acquired quickly and provides security in the task.

Here I offer both: training and subsequent coaching.

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