Crisis Manager - Problem Solver - Leadership Trainer - Interim Manager

"The emergency service when things get stuck" probably best expresses the essence of interim management. Especially when profes­sional help is needed at short notice to deal with crises, vacancies or in project and change management. Exceptional situations require specialists!

I take over strategic and operative management or leadership tasks in your company for a limited period of time and can draw on my broad wealth of experience. In doing so, I lead units through special challenges, fill vacancies or implement specific tasks, projects and programs. This can be full time, part time or project specific.



Based on the situation and your requirements, we jointly determine the scope of the mandate. The assignment is defined by the number of days and the period of time during which the assistance is required and is thus flexible yet plannable.


Program or project management

In case of a mandate limited to the duration of a specific program or project, I will propose a project plan according to the objective of the program or project. This project plan is then considered as a guideline in the implemen­tation, but can be adapted agilely and flexibly according to the situation.


Doer and implementer

You can expect very high success-rate in solving crisis situations and problems, implementing tasks and projects. I have many years of interna­tional management and leadership experience in corporate groups and medium-sized companies, but I am free of internal entanglements and obligations in the mandate and can focus on the tasks at hand. This means: Targeted and results-oriented value created from the very first minute.


Know-how transfer

Expect implemen­tation competence based on many years of experience in strategic and operational management. I offer you project management proven in practice, a success-oriented management style and, after completion of the activities, profitability-oriented success controlling. After the mandate, you will profit from improved profitability, performance increase and newly gained effectiveness and efficiency of your company. Commitment to your goals and the transfer of know-how to your employees and management are the icing on the cake of a successful mandate.

What can I do for you?