Change management as an organi­za­tional opportunity

Change means stress and resistances. Managing this skillfully requires experience and the corresponding knowledge. As a very experienced change-manager I would be happy to provide you with profes­sional support in handling change situations.

Since "only change is constant" we are always exposed to situations of change. It is a primary task of management to shape and manage these, but at the same time people strive for stability and want as little change as possible in their environment. This creates tensions and resistance in implemen­tation. As a change manager I know about this complexity, how to reduce it and how to manage change successfully.

Unfortu­nately, in many companies little has been done to signif­i­cantly improve the success rate in change projects. Three out of four change projects fail! This is an increasingly critical factor with the organi­sation facing competitive pressure and losing critical key resources. Successful change management is the decisive success factor of the future.

Change projects challenge everyone involved and place extraor­dinary demands on managers and employees. Against the backdrop of ever faster techno­logical, social and economic changes, the challenges for companies and employees have never been greater. Even well-managed change projects fail if the change is not supported by the employees. If the change process is managed unprofes­sionally, failure is inevitable. As an experienced change manager, I ensure that your change projects are goal-oriented and successful and that uncertainty, time pressure, high workload, excessive demands and pressure to succeed do not reach your team, so that they accept the change with the necessary positive attitude.

Change competence: the success factor for your corporate future!