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My Goals

Implementable and realistic solutions from practice for practice, so that you can go with your company into a secure future. With 30 years of profes­sional experience and over 20 years of interna­tional management and project experience, expertise and passion, I am your partner in mechanical engineering, the printing industry, and process and packaging technology.


My way of working

Pragmatic, realistic, hands-on and at eye level, since I learned my craft from scratch. I worked in production for many years until I successfully completed my university degree.

I also know SALES from practice in all facets, i.e. office and field sales, project sales, key account management and with regional respon­si­bility for sometimes critical countries. I have taken on management and leadership tasks with constantly increasing respon­si­bility, from the supervision of small projects in medium-sized companies to global respon­si­bility for high triple-digit million sales at group level and strategic activity in the executive board.

Expect proven, sustainable and fact-based solutions from me, based on systematic analyses. KPIs and transparency are my foundation, many years of experience in communi­cation and implemen­tation of changes, the involvement of employees, management, stakeholders and shareholders are my tools. As a leadership trainer and Leading Simple Coach, I enable your management to define and implement necessary changes.

I have a strong network of partners that I can involve in your project as needed. This network comprises design and marketing experts, process and financial experts and human resources providers. I also work with other experienced interim managers who can step in at any time if the need arises. You can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

If you have any questions about my services or would like to discuss projects for your company with me right away, feel free to contact me at any time. I always offer an initial consul­tation free of cost to assess your needs.


Yours Matthias Holder
Print & Packaging Management Consult



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