Process technology, packaging technology, product and counterfeit protection

Your customers have invested a lot of money in the development of their products and marketing campaigns. Often, this is to save money on packaging and the packaging process. I support you in planning and optimizing processes and lines and in designing the right packaging so that costs and quality remain predictable. I also work with competent partners for design questions when needed.

In addition to the food sector, my expertise also extends to the pharma­ceutical, healthcare and cosmetics sectors as well as related areas. Advice on anti-counter­feiting, tamper evidence, serial­ization and track & trace (Directive 2011/62/EU) are among my daily topics. I was intensively involved in the implemen­tation of the directive in Europe and the Middle East. I have been dealing with methods and mechanisms for counterfeit protection for over 20 years - from packaging design to delivery.

You can see the damage that counterfeit products can do to your brand and your business.

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